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Ever wanted to roleplay in a Harry Potter-themed MMO? Marauder Grid is a 3D virtual roleplaying world that features a fully-interactive Hogwarts experience. There is no cost to join or play, and everything you need is provided for free. 

Take your first journey to Hogwarts, explore Diagon Alley, get sorted, play Quidditch, decorate your home, and more! 

See the Connecting page to find out how to play!

If you wish to play a student with basic spells up to their school year, and without any special abilities, you may begin playing right away. We only ask that you make sure you are in the Marauder RP group, and to create an original character name. Clicking the flying owl will post a group invitation in the open chat under the Conversation button. We ask that you make original characters, as we are set a good bit beyond the time of the books in 2023. Please create a name for your character that has a unique first and last name. Also, many main characters from the books show up in our storyline as NPCs and you will be able to meet them. 

Special Abilities 
Players that wish to play characters with special abilities must have roleplay experience and fill out an advanced application. Players are limited to one character with special abilities, and may not change special abilities to another character later, so please choose wisely. 

Adult Characters 
If you wish to play a professor or Hogwarts staff position, please fill out the Hogwarts staff application. It is fairly short, and you will be responsible for scheduling your own classes and making them appealing to players. Professors may teach classes as often as they like, but we ask that you teach at least one class a month. It is fine to have several professors on the same subject. If you are interested in roleplaying a wizard or Muggle adult who runs or works at a roleplay shop or business, please fill out this form so we can get you set up in-world. 

Players may also play ordinary animals without an application, including cats, dogs, owls, rats, and other normal, everyday animals. We have a few avatars for animals available, but overall players are responsible for providing their own avatars. 

Homes are available for free in several areas on a first-come, first-served basis. Please watch your prims and keep scripts to a minimum. Inactivity of two months or more may result in assignment of your home to an active player. Homes are currently available in Hogsmeade, London Estates, and London Crossing. Please fill out this short form so we can help you find a home.

The aim of roleplay at Hogwarts is to create a fun experience for everyone. This means that players need to allow all characters to shine. The best way to do this is to work together to create a scene where all characters have an important part. There are some commonly accepted forms of bad roleplay. See the Bad RP page for more details: http://forumroleplay.com/roleplay-guides/bad-roleplay/ 

Players have the right to consent or to refuse to roleplay the plots of other players. If you do not wish to participate, you may choose to leave the scene. 

We are a world with child and teen avatars, so everyone in the world must be fully dressed and have all private bits covered. Our entire grid is rated no higher than PG-13. If you are a student, uniforms are provided. Adult wizards should wear wizard or Victorian attire, such as is seen in the Harry Potter movies. 

We prefer players aim for shorter posts and attempt to include physical movement in their actions, using the set provided. Try to roleplay as if you are in a real life environment. Animations are welcome, or you can write out your character’s actions. Players do not have to wait for other players to post. Taking turns is not required. 

We are a PG-13 family friendly world. Any roleplay and objects of a sexual nature are prohibited on the entire grid. There may be mild violence, similar to what is found in the Harry Potter books. 

Child and teen avatar skins under the age of 18 must have a permanent underwear layer affixed to the skin which hides areas of the skin. All free child and teen skins offered at Marauder Grid will already be appropriate and can be used immediately. Child and teen skins on the Kitely Market are also acceptable. You can read the Kitely Maturity Rating guidelines here for more information or if you wish to make skins for avatars under the age of 18: https://kitely.atlassian.net/wiki/display/doc/Maturity+Ratings+Guidelines 

Marauder Grid is a nonprofit, noncommercial grid. We do not offer items for sale anywhere on our grid. If you wish to sell items you have created, I would recommend the Kitely Market. If you have created items with a Harry Potter theme and you wish to offer them for free, please send a message to Roswenthe Blackwell. 

You can buy items for your avatar and home through the Kitely Market. This requires signing up on the Kitely website. During checkout, you list your avatar's name on Marauder Grid and our grid address at http://maraudergrid.com:9000 We are already set up to order through Kitely Market and it should deliver the items to your avatar on Marauder Grid. 

Our discussion forum is located on the chat app Amino as Marauder Grid. The app is available for Android and iOS. Get links and more information at the Amino website. 

All members or visitors to Marauder Grid are expected to treat others with respect at all times. Staff has the right to step into any situation and deal with it immediately. Roswenthe Blackwell has the final say on all decisions.

If you would like to roleplay as a shop owner, lead a Hogwarts club, or hold a government position or some other roleplay position besides Hogwarts staff, prefects, and head students, please share with us your ideas for your roleplay position

We have several positions for Marauder Grid Staff available, including storytellers, grid guides, and university professors. You are welcome to apply for multiple positions if you think you can be very active. 

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Hogwarts and Hogsmeade

A view of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Hogwarts Express from a distance.

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