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Fairest is a fairy tale fantasy roleplay set in an alternate verse, slightly anachronistic medieval setting in the land of Fantasie. Fancy playing a princess or an evil queen? What about a pirate in Captain Hook's crew or a Lost Boy? Mermaids, fae, talking animals, child avatars -- all welcome! 

We do offer the Konk roleplay system, with meter, crafting system, and other features. Using a meter is optional unless in a tournament. 

See the Connecting page to find out how to play!

Our rules can be simplified into three - play nice, play fair, and play for fun. 

All roleplay of a character is by consent. You may refuse to roleplay a scene or plot. If you do not wish to participate, or something makes you uncomfortable, please leave the scene. 

Please only write the actions of your own character. 

You actions can and will have repercussions. Remember that for every good or bad character with strong powers, there is someone equally powerful on the other side that can do the same thing. Anything you do in a big show of power can come back to hurt your side. A better long-term strategy would be to gain more people to your side, then plan a coordinated (ie. admin-approved) attack. 

We offer the Konk roleplay meter, but use of it is optional unless in a formal tournament. Current classes are knight, archer, and wizard. Information on the meter can be found at the land point. Please note that anyone OOC on the meter is not necessarily out of character, just not currently in combat.  

This world is text roleplay focused, and that means combat with other people is a last resort. The meter is not a replacement to roleplaying out a scene. You must roleplay out in-character having a verbal exchange with another player before attacking someone while wearing the meter, and they must be also wearing a meter. It's okay to use the meter in roleplayed practice combat, for example, knights having a practice battle, but you must also be roleplaying as you use the meter. Please do not pressure anyone to wear a meter. There are additional rules for tournaments that you will receive before a tournament. 

If you are using the Konk meter and are beaten, roleplay-wise you are just seriously injured and are being seen by a doctor. Please do not teleport straight back to your location and attack again. 

Larger-scale combat scenes will be planned by the admin staff, and further rules will be provided for combat at that time. -Damage to buildings must be approved by sim staff. 

Remember that players are playing characters, and what they do is in character and in the story is not who they are in real life. Please do not take personal offense at in character actions. 

We are PG-13. Child and teen avatars are welcome, but must be old enough to talk in complete sentences without baby talk. 

Please keep attire decent for a PG sim. 

Please keep scripts at a minimum in respect to others on sim. 

Please remove spammy attachments. 

The build might be ever changing as we adapt to roleplay needs. Please be patient with any changes.  

Please be nice to our guests and visitors, and help them out if they have questions. 

The admins the right to make final decisions on any rule. 

Group roleplaying is a cooperative adventure. Aim to create a fun atmosphere for everyone, and not just your character or that of your friends or romantic relationships. Draw other characters into scenes with questions and action invitations. 

We allow players of all levels. 

Players do not normally need to follow rules of post order or roleplaying length. These rules may be revised in combat scenes. 

All spaces are open for RP to anyone. Players may not ask other players to leave. If a bad character is in a good land or vice-versa, roleplay it out. 

You are welcome to create alliances and secret societies, but please let the admin staff know so we can include your group in simwide plot planning. 

We realize that resources are sometimes scarce in opensim, so we are flexible with costuming and avatars. Try to keep mostly to a medieval or steampunk theme, but do the best you can. If you have avatars or items you'd like to offer, you are welcome to a free rent shop. 

Some may choose play their characters slightly tongue-in-cheek, and some more seriously. Both are welcome. 

Out-of-character harassment for any reason will not be tolerated.  

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