The Marauder Grid is a 3D roleplaying environment on the Opensim virtual world software. The main grid features a Hogwarts roleplay and full three-dimensional build. It uses the same backend software as Second Life. There is no cost, ever, and everything you need to create your avatar and roleplay is provided at no charge. Free homes are also available. 
Our grid address is 

To register, go to our online registration page

To use Opensim, like Second Life, you need viewer software to see the world. All of these software options are free. 

I recommend Firestorm: 

There is a video tutorial on setting up Firestorm for an Opensim grid: 

Singularity viewer may be better for lower-end systems: 

There is a video tutorial for setting up Singularity for an Opensim grid: 

Android users can use the Lumiya viewer, but the 3D function is very weak. It is good for chatting and organizing your items: 

If you are already familiar with Opensim, we are hypergrid-enabled and you can travel between Opensim grids to meet others and collect items. If you already have an account in another hypergrid enabled grid, our hypergrid address is The items we offer that we have made for Marauder Grid are free. There are other items available not made by us that are offered for free and by permission of their creator. 

Should you wish to purchase items, you can do so through the Kitely Market. Marauder Grid should already be set up to send items to your avatar on our grid, but you may need to request permission to do so for your own avatar.

There is a certain learning curve for using Second Life and Opensim grids. Our welcome center has an in-world tutorial for new users. We will share tutorials on our Facebook page that we think might be helpful. You can find these on our news page.

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Quidditch Player

A Slytherin Keeper guards the goals. 

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Hogwarts Student

A Hufflepuff wearing some basic uniform pieces.

Marauder Grid

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